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reed CRYING LIKE A FUCKING BABY. Too beautiful for words. Favorite track: Passersby.
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released June 19, 2015

Produced by 12 Main
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Farkas

12 Main is:
Jeremy Farkas: Vocals & Guitar
Ryan Culligan: Vocals & Guitar



all rights reserved


12 Main Ottawa, Ontario

12 Main
Pop Punk


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Track Name: Take Me Down
Take me down to where the lights ran out
I've been lost and can't remember myself
Steady aim and I can show you so well
How to cut all your ties and crawl back into your shell

Save your breath for the dim lit room son
Hide away in your broken lie
Filter out every voice in your head-space
Sink down and let the waves arise

Nurturing my numb hands
Asking where do I stand
Staring at the ground

Shadowing all my greats fears
Wear a mask to hide tears
Screaming at you now
Track Name: Wilt
Two years gone by
And I know that you're alright
And I'm glad you're mom is doing fine
Wish I had the courage to say hi

But I know how you take things like this

So I just wait
Sit here and just contemplate
Wonder if you'll talk to me someday
Because I think too much, my thoughts all stray

It's like once I know something, I let it eat me whole

Oh, this cold November weather
Proves that life's not
getting any better soon
All these things I've known forever
Wilt away and die, piss in my wounds

I often lay
Waste time in my bed all day
Dream up far fetched possibilities
Consume all my harsh realities

Don't you wait up all night
I just want to be home

I've tried, I've tried to look on the brighter side.
I can't suppress the longing
For more of what I felt for those rare, short days.
I guess I'm back to crawling again
Track Name: Everybody Won
I kinda like this part please don't dear ever turn away
If I asked for one more thing it would be for you to stay
Perfect timing
Silver lining
Staring me down
Losing time on the ticking clocks as I figure you out

I've been staggering alone in this sleepless bed
And She's been cluttered in my mind on those nights I dread

So let me go, I'm done, everybody won, except for me of course again I'm no one, oh, I'm done, everybody won, everybody won

Cause I'm so lost in my head again wait, write me down again late

Please don't let me fall down
Track Name: Passersby
Last night to find another way home
Just another thought I know I've outgrown
Talking to myself to get some backbone
To find a way to claw into the unknown
Whoa, I know it's hard to tell yourself it's not a lie
But life doesn't suck sometimes

Make some leg room when you find it hard to breathe
Enjoy the ride home, this isn't easy, life goes by, this wasn't up to me
Another highway, another road sign, it's only passersby I see
A dream of family, just our small home, all is not as bad as it may seem

That night, I called you on a friends phone
Battery had died out when we got stoned
Talked about our lives and what we'd been told
Told each other lies, and other stories yet to unfold

Whoa, I know it's hard to bid old friends goodbye
But that's just how shit works out sometimes

At times I thought it would never be alright
Well it's alright now
I've cleared my head and I've sweat confessions
Too many times to count
My ceiling's telling me that it's alright
Well it's alright
Track Name: Strive
I'll turn out the dim lights
Wishing her a good night
Looking out to the rain
Facing myself again

I write words on this page
To the point where it stings
Embracing my self doubt
Thinking just bums me out

I wait and wait for the day
To feel your touch run past me
Subtle thoughts keep me sane
Pushing past the terrain

And all day, I can rewrite, my script, script to feel fine, I strive to feel fine

And all day I can rewrite
My script to feel fine
I strive to feel fine

Open up my scars real wide, relive every wounded sigh, and everything hurts more than the last time

I could scream a thousand words, for any antidote or cure, but everything hurts more than the last time
Track Name: Perma Frown
Can’t even save myself from sinking down
I'm staring blankly
Tried to stop and think through just what I’ve been through
But every night I feel strung out

Can’t even save myself from sinking, drown
I permanently frown
So what do you think of that?

Disease brought new meaning
“I can’t breathe” no longer just a saying
The angst that comes with waiting
I just seize and feel my body shaking

I won’t deny it
Wish I could stop this
I’d love to talk
but I don’t speak much anymore

Disease brought new meaning
“I can’t breathe” no longer just a saying
The angst that comes with waiting
I just seize and feel my body shaking

This year just feels so long I
I can't seem to grasp these thoughts or feelings
Took all these things granted
Let's recede, don't wanna watch you leaving